Possible areas of intervention


  • Elaboration of the Concept,
  • Synopsis Creation,
  • Feasibility Versus Ideas,
  • Budget, Quotation,
  • Portfolio Creation (videos, image edition on photoshop , photo or 3D simulations…),
  • Presentation of the project (tender, quotation…etc),


  • Selection of valuable partners
  • Sound Tracks Creation
  • Encoding of the pyro and/or laser parts
  • Preparation of the Production Documents
  • Constraints Management



  • Stage Direction and Management
  • Field realization
  • Firework control
  • Laser Show Control
  • Coordination between all the Participants

Due to the different countries regulations and laws in pyrotechnics, we cannot advise or intervene on security matters for overseas projects.
Our design has to be enforced by a local firework company (except in Singapore) who follows the rules and insurance for the country where the event takes place and must be properly insured for this type of show.
Our field of intervention is strictly restrained to artistic advice, designs and checking for the consistency between the design and the realization.